Breathable neoprene fabric material
Neoprene supports
• Allows no evaporation of sweat.
• Skin surface temperature increases.
• Increased vaso dilatation (blood flow) in skin.
• Blood diverted from the muscles to the skin.
• Skin surface becomes hot and wet.
• Loss of comfort.
• Wear time limit of 2 hours.
Ventilated NEOPRENE
• Allows limited evaporation at "Hole" areas.
• Cold air entering causes condensation of evaporated sweat.
• Skin surface becomes cold and wet.
• Loss of comfort.
• Wear time 3-4 hours.
• Allows extensive evaporation over a wide area.
• Excess heat and sweat ‘pumped’ out through pores.
• "Pumping" increases as sweat increases with exercise.
• Maintenance of a comfortable micro—climate.
• Vapor phase maintained.
• Vaso dilatation in the skin is minimal.
• Muscle and deep tissue blood flow improved.
• Increased oxygenation of muscles and deep tissues.
• Greatly improved comfort.
• Wear time 24 hours.

Stomatex Neoprene Supports
• Stomatex neoprene allows extensive evaporation of sweat from the skin surface within the chamber areas.
• Excess heat and sweat is ‘pumped’ out of the chambers through the pores.
• This pumping action increases with exercise so as to match the increased production of heat and sweat.
• This process ensures that a comfortable micro-climate is maintained at the skin surface, preventing over heating.
• Sweat is maintained as vapour in the chambers as there is no condensation caused by cold air from outside.
• As skin surface temperature is now controlled, vaso dilatation (blood flow) in the skin is minimal.
• Blood flow to the muscles is improved as heat is contained in the deep tissues and muscular vaso dilatation occurs
• Increased blood flow to the muscles results in the delivery of more oxygen and nutrients.
• This is particularly important for maximising the performance of working muscles and in aiding the repair of damaged tissues.
• More even temperature and presence of vapour leads to improved comport levels and reduced incidence of skin damage, sweat rash etc.
• Wear time is frequently increased from a few hours to 24 hours per day.

Normal Neoprene Supports
• Extensive coverage of the skin surface with an impermeable thermal insulating material such as neoprene prevents evaporation of sweat. As evaporation is necessary to cool the skin, it is inevitable that the skin surface temperature will increase.
• Increased skin surface temperature leads to increased vaso dilatation (blood flow) in the skin, as the body attempts to cool the area.
• As overall blood flow to the limb will not alter, the extra blood is diverted from the muscles and deep tissues into the skin.
• Reduced blood flow to the muscles leads to reduced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the effected area.
• There is reduced performance in the muscles.
• The skin surface becomes hot and wet.
• There is a dramatic loss of comfort.
• Effective wear time is limited to 2-3 hours


Stomatex® is a high-performance breathable neoprene fabric material for protective clothing.