While Stomatex® is now used by licence throughout the world, we also produce our own superior range of orthopaedic and sports supports.

Heat Acclimatisation Suits

Recognised by the England Rugby Union squad and the British Olympic team as an invaluable training aid while preparing in hot and humid climates, Stomatex® heat acclimatisation suits enable the athlete to achieve the necessary physiological and psychological adaptations during periods of high intensity training.

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Isothermal™ Sportapedic Supports & Orthopaedic Supports

By balancing the needs of your body with the demands of your sport, Stomatex's® range of orthopaedic supports provide significant advantage over traditional elasticated supports. Stomatex® supports deliver temperature and moisture-controlled therapeutic heat and compressive support simultaneously without the discomfort associated with other supports.

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The revolutionary Stomatex Backmate™ is designed to prevent and alleviate back pain. Made from a unique blend of breathable Neoprene, this orthopaedic back support is designed to fit both male and female users with waist sizes up to 40 inches. Comfortable to wear, it is fully hand-washable and durable enough for long-term use in a number of everyday, sporting and outdoor activities.

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