Sports Fabric


Breathable neoprene fabric material

Sports Supports – Orthopaedic Supports

Stomatex Limited produces its own superior range of sports supports and orthopaedic supports providing the user with unrivalled comfort and healing capabilities. The sports supports and orthopaedic supports offer the user the protection and remedial relief they need combined with the comfort they have always wished for.

By exploiting the unique qualities of Stomatex®, which has proven to be a high-performance sports fabric, ISOthermal® sports supports and orthopaedic supports, thermal underwear and thermal undergarments are unrivalled and recommended for:

ISOthermal® sports supports should be worn two to three minutes prior to exercise for the warming of major muscle groups, ligaments, joints and tendons. The ISOthermal® sports supports and thermal underwear range will enhance deep tissue warming. Therefore, when exercise begins, the muscles are at their optimum working temperature, ligaments will stretch more easily, joints become more flexible and, most vitally, blood flow is increased in the working muscles where oxygen and nutrients are required in order to maximise performance.

ISOthermal® sports supports, thermal underwear and thermal undergarments should be used before and during training to achieve optimum muscle temperature, to maximise performance and to prevent cooling, particularly while in cold and windy conditions. The metabolic processes that power the muscles are fuelled by oxygen and glycogen. However, as with all chemical reactions, they are most efficient when the correct conditions are in place, and one of the most crucial factors is temperature.

In all phases of competition, particularly cold conditions or when carrying an injury, it is vital to create the best possible environment for muscle activity. Correct warm-up and maintenance of blood flow to major muscle groups is the key to maximum performance. Fitness during aerobic exercise can be measured by the ability of the cardiovascular system to transport oxygen to the muscles (VO2 Max). Efficient blood flow is the most significant factor in oxygen delivery and in the removal of lactic acid. By increasing muscle blood flow, a measurable improvement in fitness can be achieved. It is counterproductive for supports to heat the skin surface, as this diverts blood to the skin and away from the muscles. This action not only deprives the muscles of blood and oxygen, it is also accompanied by an increase in the sweat rate which in turn has a dramatic effect on the comfort levels experienced by an athlete. Stomatex® has the unique ability to create deep warming without excessive skin surface heating which is generally recognised as a serious problem in all sports supports and orthopaedic supports made with conventional neoprene.

ISOthermal® orthopaedic supports and thermal undergarments may be worn continuously during treatment, up to 24 hours per day for the delivery of therapeutic heat and support during injury rehabilitation. This is unique to supports made with Stomatex® and greatly enhances the ability of the athlete to recover in the shortest possible time. ISOthermal® orthopaedic supports have been designed to take full advantage of the special qualities of Stomatex® and every possible opportunity has been taken to create a support garment that is truly wearable for extended periods. However, the real advantage of ISOthermal® sports supports, thermal undergarment and orthopaedic supports lies in the ability to deliver deep therapeutic heat over a long period. During this time the tissues under treatment are well perfused with blood and well supplied with oxygen and nutrients and the by-products of injury resolution, enabling the athlete to return to full training in the shortest possible time.

You don’t have to be a serious athlete to take advantage of the unique qualities of the ISOthermal® sports supports and thermal undergarment range of underwear. All sporting activities, whether competitive or recreational are more enjoyable when conducted in safety and comfort. ISOthermal® is a safe and convenient way to create and maintain thermal comfort over a huge range of environmental conditions for all outdoor pursuits, whether competitive or recreational. The lack of bulk in relation to the insulation provided is exceptional, with superb adaptation to body form and flexibility. The ISOthermal® sports supports and thermal undergarment range provides the user with a garment that will perform.

Stomatex® is a high-performance breathable neoprene fabric material for protective clothing.