A.T.T.A.C.K Athletics  
'I believe these are the most comfortable and effective supports in the world.'
Tim Grover, A.T.T.A.C.K Athletics, Personal Trainer to Michael Jordan.

Daley Thompson  
'Success at the top can only be achieved when all the elements of preparation come together as one, and at the right moment. Stomatex® Support Garments offer the best opportunity for complete preparation and ultimate performance, guaranteed comfort and extended wear, providing protection and support, just when and where you need it.'
Daley Thompson, Former World Champion and World Record Holder.

Dr Paul Danford D.C.  

'Stomatex® supports are undoubtedly the best I have seen. They represent a significant breakthrough in the design of this type of appliance. I feel confident in prescribing them as an adjunct to the treatment of Musculo Skeletal conditions and I believe that the most significant factor is that the patient is able to wear the supports for extended periods of time comfortably.'
Dr Paul Danford D.C., Kew Chiropractic Clinic.

'We have found the Stomatex® supports to have several advantages over conventional neoprene supports, in that they cause less skin abrasion, increased thermal response with significantly less surface sweating. This has the beneficial effect of increasing the comfort aspect of wearing a brace and also the duration which the user can utilise the garment, thus increasing the desired therapeutic effect over a more sustainable period.'
Alan Watson M.C.S.P. S.R.P., BiMAL Medical and Sports Rehabilitation Clinic.

Dr Paul Stick D.C.  
'The results from using the ISO-Medical™ Stomatex support have been quite remarkable. Patient A with a longstanding anterior cuciate rupture was able to get rid of the kevler hinged knee brace and after the use of the Stomatex® support for one week found that he had lost the dull ache and also that the knee did not hyperextend during exercise. Consequently there was no post exercise pain as there had been previously.'
Dr Paul Stick D.C., Truro Clinic

Glasgow Rangers FC  
'We use Stomatex® Support garments as a form of compression following soft tissue injuries to both muscle and joint. They are very useful during on-going rehabilitation as a means of compression and retaining heat whilst the patient is resting. We have also used the garments as a form of compressional support whilst the players are undertaking training sessions.'
Grant Downie, Head Physiotherapist, Glasgow Rangers Football Club

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