Breathable Neoprene Fabrics Material
Breathable Neoprene Fabrics Material


Breathable Neoprene Fabrics Material

A highly efficient breathable fabric material enables the user to control body temperature and experience physical comfort.

Stomatex achieves this through the unique ability of its material to remove excess sweat while retaining its inherent insulation value.

Its award-winning technology was developed over five years by Micro Thermal Systems, of England, and in 1999 it received a Department of Trade and Industry Smart prize for the successful commercialisation of its innovative technology.

Neoprene is an oil/heat-resistant synthetic rubber. Current specifications of Stomatex – described as “breathable neoprene” – are made from closed-cell foam neoprene. These fabrics can be applied as laminates or loose linings according to users’ requirements.

The thickness (thermal insulation) of the insulating component varies from two millimeters (mm) to six mm, with the most frequently used being between two and five mm.

How does the technology work in the dry? The Stomatex system has thousands of tiny chambers and pores formed in the body of the material that efficiently evacuates sweat as it evaporates from the skin surface.

By controlling heat loss from the system while at the same time removing excessive sweat. The overall effect is to create a more comfortable condition on the skin surface.

Used in wet conditions in thermal vests, shorts, under dry suits and wet suits, Stomatex traps air in the chambers which, acting as an excellent insulator, makes the garment warmer than a similar garment made from ordinary neoprene which does not allow sweat to evaporate. Because Stomatex material has the ability to remove excess heat ad sweat, the suit does not allow the inside temperature to rise in or out of the water.

The product is suitable for use wherever thermal insulation or body protection is required and comfort would normally be compromised by sweating. It has already been used in wide-ranging application including orthomedical supports, sports supports, back supports, equestrian underwear, surface watersports, wetsuits, survival suits, surfing wetsuits, warm-up suits, dive suits, liners and footwear.

Stomatex has been used by a number of top sportsmen and women including Will Carling and the England Rugby Union Squad, the Great Britain Hockey Squad, the Great Britain four-man bobsleigh squad, Olympic athletes Tessa Sanderson and Daly Thompson and, recently, Lennox Lewis used a Stomatex resistance training suit during his preparation for the successful unification of the World Boxing Championship titles in November 1999.

The Royal Navy has successfully tested Stomatex wetsuits and Artic warfare clothing.

Stomatex is on permanent exhibition at the British Science Museum as an example of an advanced biomimetic material.


Stomatex® is a high-performance breathable neoprene fabric material for protective clothing.