At Stomatex® we manufacture high-performance, breathable neoprene sheets and finished products that replicate the way that plants transpire

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Our patented technology has been utilised in the following products:

Heat Acclimatisation Suits

Recognized by the England Rugby Union squad and the British Olympic team as an invaluable training aid while preparing in hot and humid climates, Stomatex® heat acclimatization suits enable the athlete to achieve the necessary physiological and psychological adaptations during periods of high intensity training.

Isothermal™ Sportapedic Supports & Orthopedic Supports

By balancing the needs of your body with the demands of your sport, Stomatex's® range of orthopedic supports provide significant advantage over traditional elasticated supports. Stomatex® supports deliver temperature and moisture-controlled therapeutic heat and compressive support simultaneously without the discomfort associated with other supports. For the full list of Sportapedic/Orthopedic products avaiable from our official vendor, please visit: Nexus Europe Ltd.


LHS: Orthopedic Knee Wrap, RHS: Orthopedic Wrist Wrap

Lumbar Support & Sports Supports Range

The revolutionary Stomatex Sports Support Range is designed to prevent and alleviate pain. Made from a unique blend of breathable Neoprene, these orthopedic supports are designed to fit both male and female users. Comfortable to wear, whilst being fully hand-washable and durable enough for long-term use in a number of everyday, sporting and outdoor activities.


Lumbar Support (SI) Belt NX 1001

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'Success at the top can only be achieved when all the elements of preparation come together as one, and at the right moment. Stomatex® Support Garments offer the best opportunity for complete preparation and ultimate performance, guaranteed comfort and extended wear, providing protection and support, just when and where you need it.'

Daley Thompson, Former World Champion and World Record Holder

Daley Thompson

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