About Stomatex®

What is Stomatex®?

Stomatex® is the patented physics that replicates the way that the leaves of plants transpire.

Stomatex® Neoprene is a high-performance fabric made from a lightweight, ultra-thin, non-porous polyester membrane that is weatherproof and highly breathable.

Neoprene (a synthetic rubber) demonstrates superior tensile strength and elasticity, offering significant advantages over plastic foam materials and making Stomatex® ideal for close contour applications where body movement must remain unhindered.

How does Stomatex® work?


Stomatex® uses a pattern of dome-shaped vapour chambers, each with a tiny pore in the centre. While resting, excess body heat and perspiration rise into the dome-shaped chambers and exit through the tiny pores at a controlled rate. The chambers flex and stretch with each movement of the body, causing excess heat and perspiration to be pumped out of the small pores. This also allows cooler, drier air to enter from the outside. The unique pumping action of the vapour chambers increases and decreases with the user's level of physical activity. Stomatex® is truly unique, as it is the only material that can maintain a perfect microclimate between the skin and the fabric at any level of physical activity, allowing it to be worn for long periods of time without overheating.

What are the benefits of Stomatex®?

By imitating the process of transpiration used by leaves, Stomatex® is able to overcome the problems of perspiration and over-heating traditionally associated with the use of closed cell foam materials such as Neoprene. It can therefore ensure that the body heat, blood flow and compression remain consistent during a wide range of activities.

Reflecting the rate of physical activity, the chambers create a self-contained microclimate, allowing cooler, drier air to pass through at a controlled rate to keep the skin free of perspiration and maintain an ideal skin temperature over an extended period of time.

This effect can be seen as represented by the following graph:

Thermal Graph

The responsive design allows the user to say within the thermal comfort zone, whilst providing musculoskeletal support.

Stomatex® Uses and Products

While Stomatex® is now used by license throughout the world, we also produce our own superior range of orthopedic and sports supports.

Heat Acclimatisation Suits

Recognized by the England Rugby Union squad and the British Olympic team as an invaluable training aid while preparing in hot and humid climates, Stomatex® heat acclimatization suits enable the athlete to achieve the necessary physiological and psychological adaptations during periods of high intensity training.

Isothermal™ Sportapedic Supports & Orthopedic Supports

By balancing the needs of your body with the demands of your sport, Stomatex's® range of orthopedic supports provide significant advantage over traditional elasticated supports. Stomatex® supports deliver temperature and moisture-controlled therapeutic heat and compressive support simultaneously without the discomfort associated with other supports. Orthopedic Wrist Sleeve can be seen below:

Wrist Sleeve

Other Orthopedic Solutions include: Elbow Sleeve, Thigh Sleeve, Knee Brace, Ankle Wrap, Wrist Wrap, and many more..

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Lumbar Support & Sports Supports Range

The revolutionary Stomatex Sports Support Range is designed to prevent and alleviate pain. Made from a unique blend of breathable Neoprene, this orthopedic supports are designed to fit both male and female users. Comfortable to wear, it is fully hand-washable and durable enough for long-term use in a number of everyday, sporting and outdoor activities.

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